My Favourite Nutritional Bloggers

Many people feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of confusing and conflicting nutritional information found on the internet. It is so important to approach nutritional claims from a skeptical point of view due to the abundance of misinformation that is shared (see my Nutritional Nonsense Detection Kit for tips on how to do this), but it is also useful to know who can we rely on to make sense of nutritional issues and to provide evidence based information to separate the facts from the fads.

Here are some of my favourite nutritional bloggers who provide trustworthy advice (in alphabetical order so I’m not picking favourites within my favourites!); I’m sure my list will continue to grow as the evidence based movement expands 🙂

  • A Dietitian’s Mission – Joyce Haddad is an Australian Dietitian and Personal Trainer, she post’s healthy recipes and practical nutrition posts.
  • Angry Chef Blog – The Angry Chef is a chef with a background in science who passionately debunks food pseudoscience.
  • Anna’s Nutrition – Anna Wallace is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist who promotes a healthy relationship with food in her blog posts and recipes.
  • Diet vs. Disease – Joe Leech is an Australian Dietitian who explains disease related nutritional advice.
  • Dietitian UK – Priya Tew is a UK Registered Dietitian specialised in eating disorders, she posts about nutritional issues and shares recipes.
  • Dietitian Without Borders – Gemma Sampson is an Australian Sports Dietitian & Nutritionist based in the UK who shares recipes, and posts about travel, nutrition, food and sport.
  • Dietitian’s Life – Sarah and Louise are Registered Dietitian’s based in the UK with an enthusiasm for all things dietetic and spreading helpful nutritional messages.
  • Dr Megan Rossi – Megan is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a PhD in the area of gut health, she doesn’t run an official blog but posts regular interesting content related to all things gut and digestive health related to her facebook page.
  • Fad Free Nutrition – Emma Gaskin is Registered Dietitian who shares posts to help distinguish between fact and fiction when it comes to nutrition.
  • Fight the Fads – Elisabeth, Harriet and Caroline post some great information to debunk fads and run excellent nutritional campaigns also.
  • Fitness Reloaded – Maria debunks “woo” nutrition claims and has an evidence based approach to healthy lifestyle advice.
  • Food and Nonsense – Helen West is a Registered Dietitian from the UK who shares posts related to evidence based nutrition, debunking nutrition myths, exercising and travelling. Helen is also co-founder of ‘The Rooted Project’.
  • Hearty Nutrition – Joel Feren is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist based in Australia who shares recipes and nutritional blogs.
  • Ignite Nutrition – Andrea Hardy is a Dietitian Nutritionist based in Canada who posts recipes, nutrition tools, business tips for Dietitians and nutrition professionals and also blogs about various dietary conditions.
  • ISOS Health – this company post healthy diet and lifestyle blogs by recognised healthcare specialists.
  • Jennifer Robinson – Jen is a final year medical student based in London with a background in Biomedical Science, she has a passion for health, fitness and food.
  • Kate Roberts Nutrition – Kate is a UK Registered Dietitian who posts recipes and evidence based nutrition blogs.
  • Laura Thomas PHD – Laura is a Registered Nutritionist and Wellness advocate based in London, she also runs the excellent “Don’t Salt My Game” podcast.
  • Marchini Nutrition – Sally Marchini is an Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Australia with a focus on diabetes, coeliac disease and IBS.
  • Mariette Abrahams  – Mariette is a Nutrition Business Consultant and Registered Dietitian currently working in the field of Personalized Nutrition and Nutrigenomics.
  • Plant Based Pixie – Pixie Turner is a food blogger and Nutritionist (Msc) with a background in biochemistry; she advocates a plant based diet and responsible food blogging.
  • Nic’s Nutrition – Nichola Whitehead is a UK Specialist Registered Dietitian who shares videos and blogs to inspire and support healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Our Daily Bread RD – Annelie Shaw is a Registered Dietitian who has worked in the UK, she posts about topical nutrition issues.
  • Rosie Saunt – Rosie is UK Registered Dietitian who regularly shares recipe inspiration and evidenced-based nutrition tips, she is also co-founder of ‘The Rooted Project’.
  • The Dietitian’s Pantry – Alex Redman is an Australian Accredited Practicing  Dietitian who provides recipes, healthy eating tips and no nonsense nutritional information.
  • The Food Coach RD – Sasha Watkins is a UK Registered Dietitian and media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association; she debunks nutrition myths, shares nutrition knowledge “in bite sized chunks” with a focus on weaning and she moderates #RDUK twitter chats.
  • The Food Philosophy – Lilia is a Registered Dietitian who shares posts about her love of food and promotes evidence based nutrition.
  • The Nutrition Guru and the Chef – Tara Leong is qualified Nutritionist based in Australia who works alongside her husband who is an experienced chef; their philosophy includes treating food as our medicine and including “everything in moderation”.
  • Thinking Nutrition – Tim Crowe is  an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian based in Australia who provides evidence based nutritional messages.
  • UK Kids Nutrition – Bahee Van de Bor is a paediatric Dietitian who blogs about nutritional issues related to babies, children and teenagers and also shares kid-friendly recipes.

For organisations which you can rely on to provide up to date nutritional information and resources check out my blog post: Reliable Websites for Nutritional Information.


I’d love to hear what you think of this list and if there are any other reliable nutritional bloggers that you follow 😃

Maeve xx



Disclaimer: This post is a summary of nutritional bloggers which I have found to be reliable in general, it is not an endorsement of all content which is shared by each blogger mentioned above. Any advice found on the sites mentioned above should not replace personalised advice from a health care professional. If you have any specific nutritional concerns, in most countries you can contact your GP for a referral to a Dietitian for an individualised nutritional assessment.


This post was last updated in January 2018

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