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What is the Exploring Emotional Eating Online Course?

This online course has been developed by Registered Dietitian Maeve Hanan and Trainee Health Psychologist Joe O’Brien for those who want to understand emotional and binge eating, learn how to meet their nutrition and psychological needs and ultimately improve their relationship with food.

Course Contents:

This course is divided into 6 sections which take you through: 

  1. Exploring your relationship with food: This section explores how our past and current experiences may have shaped our relationship with food. 
  2. Nutritional wellbeing: This section outlines the foundations of eating well, including tapping into your internal hunger and fullness cues.
  3. Emotional wellbeing: Stress and emotions have a massive impact on our eating. This section explains how to meet our psychological needs without always using food.
  4. Taking care of your brain: A number of factors impact our brain health, so this section will run though the main areas to be aware of with a focus on nutrition for a healthy brain.
  5. Embracing flexibility: This section covers the importance of a flexible relationship with food and how to challenge unhelpful ‘thinking traps’ which can crop up. 
  6. Maintaining long-term changes: Making long-term changes isn’t easy, so this section covers psychological factors and practical nutritional tips that make long term change possible.

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Reviews of This Course:

You can read further reviews of this course & Dietetically Speaking on TrustPilot.

The course has changed my life. I know I have a long way to go but my relationship with food and the way I eat has changed. I am already happier and more relaxed about my diet and know that when I feel like binging then it is probably because my emotional needs are not being met.

Anonymous course participant (February 2021)

This was a fascinating course that really made me challenge my behaviour patterns and question the underpinning reasons for my over eating. Both hosts were very engaging and chaired in a way that made it feel like a whole group experience. Hearing your own experiences in the words of others is really comforting. Especially in the current pandemic, a feeling of companionship has been very much appreciated.

Robyn (February 2021)

As always, the quality of Maeve’s service is outstanding. In this programme, Joe and Maeve offers lots of insightful advice to better understand why we eat in a certain way and how to transform our approach to food, in a compassionate, constructive and informed way.

Clem (February 2021)

This was a brilliant course. Funny, you’d think in order to take part you need to feel like you have an issue with food. But this course is relevant for all accepting walks in life 🙂 It has helped me identify the emotions I’d cover away – lonely, not feeling good enough, stress… While it has also made me aware of the fact that I hadn’t been feeding my actual needs at all. Thank you both – a wonderful way to start the year 🙂

Anonymous course participant (February 2021)

A compassionate deep dive into the why’s behind your eating. A fresh perspective with kindness and understanding. Recommend to anyone who is ready to have a close look at their own eating behaviours.

Anonymous course participant (February 2021)

Brilliant course. Helps make clear why so many of us engage in emotional eating and what we can do to help ourselves overcome this.

Anonymous course participant (February 2021)

This course has been a really helpful as it wasn’t putting labels on food as such. Food is there to fuel the body and bodies come in all shapes and sizes. It has given me a great deal of tools to help me on my journey of getting back to basics and to fall in love again with my whole self 🙂

Anonymous course participant (February 2021)