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I am a Registered Dietitian specialising in helping people to develop a free and flexible relationship with food.

I have over 8 years of experience as a Dietitian in a range of public and private healthcare settings, which includes over 6 years of experience of nutrition communication online, on social media and with printed publications and radio. 

Over the years I noticed a common theme — all of the messages we are bombarded with about nutrition, weight and health from a variety of sources leaves many people feeling confused with a very black and white ‘good vs. bad’ mindset. In turn, this can lead to a number of eating difficulties like restriction, food guilt, comforting eating and binging. Ultimately, food no longer feels like a friend and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and discomfort. 

So this experience, along with my long-standing interest in the psychological side of nutrition, led me to specialise in supporting those who have developed a difficult relationship with food

As I also support other Nutrition Professionals with online working, so the appointments and services I offer are designed to be user-friendly, flexible and supportive

Please note: this is a weight-inclusive service and I don’t offer traditional weight management services. For more information about this check out the “Do I Help People To Lose Weight” FAQ Below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This Service Right For You?

I support those who have a difficult relationship with food, in order to get to a more free and flexible place where food complements your life in a healthy way, rather than dominating your life in an unhealthy way. 

For example, this service may be for you if you:

  • Have been stuck in the cycle of dieting and feeling ‘on and off the wagon’ for years
  • Feel anxious or guilty about specific foods 
  • Are interested in eating more intuitively, in-line with your internal body cues
  • Struggle with emotional or binge eating
  • Feel that food dominates your life in an unhealthy way e.g. concerns about ‘healthy eating’ leaves to anxiety or stops you from enjoying food or eating out with friends.
  • Feel confused about how to eat well in a flexible way that supports overall health
  • Want support with disordered eating.

Please note: as appointments are held via web call this service is not designed for those who have a severe eating disorder or a BMI under 16.

As well as my main specialism of helping people with disordered eating, I also help people with general nutrition advice.

I also have training and experience in a range of areas including:

  • Gut health – particularly IBS (and I am trained in the use of the low FODMAP diet)
  • Women’s health  
  • Heart health
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Childhood nutrition (particularly fussy eating)

If you are unsure about whether my service is for you don’t hesitate to email me: 

What Qualifications & Training Do I Have?

  • First Class Honours Degree in Dietetics (BSc Hons Dietetics, University of Ulster Coleraine).
  • Registered Dietitian* with the Health and Care Professionals Council in the UK (HCPC, membership number: DT27185) and also with the Social Care Professionals Council in Ireland (CORU, membership number:  DI037648). 
  • Completed the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Advanced Mental Health in Eating Disorders training course. 
  • Training in Intuitive Eating for Healthcare Professionals by the London Centre for Intuitive Eating.
  • Training in Guided Self-Help for Eating Difficulties from My Transitions (a company created by experienced Psychologists and Dietitians).
  • Health Psychology Training For Nutrition Professionals by Spectrum Mental Health. 
  • Behaviour change training including Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from Behaviour Change Training and other training days and shadowing from Clinical Psychologists in the NHS. 
  • Attended the Navigating Emotional Eating in Clinic workshop by Pixie Turner Nutrition. 
  • Training on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University.
  • Level 5 CELTA English Teacher – although not directly related to nutrition this has really helped my communication and teaching skills.  

* Registered Dietitian is a legally protected title that ensures I am appropriately qualified to assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems with both individuals and on a wider public-health level. Maintaining this registration also involves staying up to date with the latest nutritional science and acting in an ethical and professional manner. 

What Experience Do I Have?

I have over 7 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian. Within this time I have gained the following experience:

  • Private Practice Dietitian: I have worked with a wide variety of nutritional concerns in private clinics, including eating disorders, IBS, PCOS, nutrition for sports, fertility, bone health, heart health and more.
  • Mental Health Bank Specialist Dietitian in the NHS: This involves working temporarily with a specialist mental health team with a variety of issues including disordered eating and fussy eating. 
  • Paediatric Dietitian in the NHS – I worked with all age groups (and their families) from newborn babies up to 18 years olds with a variety of nutritional concerns, including fussy eating and eating disorders. 
  • Stroke Specialist Dietitian in the NHS – this involved supporting people from a nutritional perspective in the hospital and at home after they had a stroke. I worked closely with a team including a Clinical Psychologist who I learned a lot from. 
  • General Dietitian in the UK National Health Service (NHS) – this involved working on hospital wards and in out-patient clinics supporting people with nutritional concerns such as malnutrition, tube feeding, healthy eating, heart disease, nutritional deficiencies (like low iron levels), Type 2 diabetes and gut issues like IBS and IBD.
  • Varied nutrition communication experience: This includes social media work, lecturing College/University students, providing wellness webinars, health writing, blogging and working with companies and the media.
  • I also co-founded a company called Nutrimote which supports Nutrition Professionals to work online. So I am passionate about using technology well so that the services I provide are user-friendly, flexible and supportive for my clients. 

How Much Does This Cost?

The following packages are designed for optimal outcomes in terms of an improved relationship with food.

All packages include:

  • Optional check-ins and support between sessions
  • Resources and activities to use between sessions
  • Communication with members of your healthcare team (where relevant)

Package options*:

  • Initial package (includes an 80-minute assessment session and 3 x 50-minute review sessions): £527
  • Review package 1 (includes 4 x 50-minute review sessions): £486
  • Review package 2 (includes 8 x 50-minute review sessions): £864

Bespoke packages and a limited number of slots for those with a lower income are available upon request.

*Packages of 4 sessions are valid for 6 months maximum and 8-session packages are valid for 8 months. However, a 4-session package is likely to last 1-3 months and an 8-package session is likely to last 2-6 months, as for the best results I recommend having your sessions every 1-3 weeks, particularly in the earlier stages of dietetic input.

How Do Appointments Work?

All appointments take place virtually, usually via video consultation (using Zoom) or telephone call.

Additional support is available via email, using an app called Recovery Record or a tailored self-monitoring spreadsheet.

Zoom/phone appointments are available on Tuesdays between 10am – 6pm and on Wednesdays between 3-5pm.

An initial assessment consultation will last up to 80-minutes and is tailored for each individual client.

This usually involves:

  • Assessment of relevant background information – such as medical history, current medication, recent blood tests, digestive function, lifestyle factors (e.g. physical activity, stress)
  • Exploration of your relationship with food and body image
  • Dietary assessment
  • Education and a personalised plan
  • A follow-up plan to suit your needs

Follow-up appointments are usually 50-minutes long and are also tailored towards your individual needs and prefernces. 

Click here for more information about my appointment policies.

Can I Claim Back For These Appointments On My Health Insurance?

As I am registered with CORU (membership number: DI037648), clients based in Ireland are entitled to partial reimbursement from health insurance companies. Appointment receipts can also be used to claim for health expense relief via the Med 1 tax form in Ireland.

I am not currently registered with private health insurance companies in the UK, but this may be an option depending on the policies of your health insurance company. 

Where Can I Find Reviews?

You can find reviews about my services at the end of this page and click here to read my reviews on TrustPilot.

What Makes These Appointments Different?

These appointments put you and your relationship with food at the centre. I work collaboratively with my clients, rather than just telling you what to do. I am like a nutrition tour guide, there to support and guide on your journey to a peaceful relationship with food. 

I strive to create a compassionate, non-judgemental and empowering environment for my clients, as you are ultimately the expert in yourself. 

There is no set blueprint for the appointments as they are always tailored to meet the changing needs of each individual client. However, the focus is on overall health and wellbeing, rather than weight loss (as discussed in the next FAQ). 

I also make use of user-friendly technology in order to provide the option of a higher level of support and monitoring with my nutrition coaching services, as compared with only interacting during scheduled appointments.

Do I Help People To Lose Weight? 

The work I do with clients focuses on improving their relationship with food, from a holistic and weight-inclusive perspective. As body image concerns are a big driver for eating difficulties, and weight loss does not automatically mean improved health, I encourage my clients to shift at least some of the focus away from the scales and weight loss.

Therefore, I don’t provide traditional weight-loss advice or focus on weight loss as the main outcome. Instead, the focus is on ‘the big picture of health’ including mental wellbeing and food flexibility.

Whether you decide to check your weight or not is of course very individual, so this is an open discussion that I have with my clients as there is no one-fits-all answer. 

Where Can I Find Further Information?

If you have any questions or if you are interested in booking in a free 10-minute discovery call, you can send enquiries to

Click here to see my appointment policies.


Click here to read more reviews of my service on TrustPilot.

Working with Maeve has allowed me to completely change my relationship with food. I first began working with Maeve because I struggled hugely with a fear of certain foods, which resulted in huge anxiety, a number of food rules and unwanted weight loss. In just a few months, Maeve has helped me realise that no food should be feared, and all foods have a place in our diet. She was kind, patient, re-assuring and non judgemental at all times and I knew she was just an email away if I ever needed advice or support. Maeve provided me with the help, resources and knowledge I needed and encouraged me to challenge myself. I could not be more helpful for the progress she has helped me make and I am now on the way to returning to my happiest, healthiest self. I truly could not have done this without working with Maeve and I encourage anyone who is struggling with food to reach out to her, because it will be so worth it.

LB – Client

Maeve has been an amazing support with my recovery from disordered eating — every time I doubted myself or slipped up, she was right there, super calm and ready with a plan to get back on track! I never felt judged by her, so, for the first time, relapse didn’t feel like it instilled shame or guilt in me, it was just a bump in the road but always possible to get back up from. Eating regularly and eating substantial meals has become near-automatic at this point, it feels non-negotiable. I’m really ensuring I prioritise my eating before I do anything so that I have enough food to sustain me each day. More than that though, I don’t feel the emotional tie to food as much anymore, I don’t have that intense anxiety around some meals and I also am not changing my eating patterns depending on my mood. I also feel like I’ve come to a place of body neutrality, where I focus on its functionality and how much I need it to cope with each day. I don’t think words can do justice to explain how grateful I am for all of the support I received from Maeve.

J McK – Client

Maeve is fantastic. Knowledgable and empathetic. I look forward to our discussions as she gently guides me towards thinking differently about food.

A Hud – Client

An exceptional dietician. Maeve completely changed my life in navigating my recovery from an immune system issue called urticaria. Maeve continually showed with professionalism and care. I would highly recommend Maeve as a dietician.

Leah Moore – Client

I was nervous about my first appointment but Maeve was so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable. She is extremely professional and has really helped me with all approaches to food and nutrition. I also felt that everything was so easily explained and made such sense in a world where we are bombarded with a lot of nutritional informational. So refreshing to actually learn from a qualified professional. Thank you Maeve for everything.

CW – Client

Maeve has been phenomenal in advising me on health and nutrition. She has been so informative and helpful in analysing my diet and advising me with evidence-based information about how to obtain the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals and advise on other issues such as thyroid, bone health, iron-rich foods and pregnancy nutrition. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and as a result, feel much more confident in obtaining optimum nutrition during my pregnancy. She is very professional and extremely prompt at addressing any questions that I may contact her about regarding certain supplements, foods and how certain vitamins, minerals and food sources interact with each other and may hinder absorption.  I am so glad that I booked appointments with her and would highly recommend her to anyone, I wish I had had an appointment with her years ago. I believe it is of utmost importance to book an appointment with a registered dietitian when looking for guidance on diet, nutrition and overall health as this is so scientific and requires expertise in this area.

Edel Feeney – Client

Maeve has a very pleasant manner, is very competent and knowledgeable and listens very carefully and her recommendations are very sensible and manageable.

MC – Client


Maeve has been consulting on The Food Medic Educational Hub for 12 months now and has been a huge asset to the team. Her ability to translate some very nuanced topics in nutrition into easy-to-follow, informative articles and infographics is really admirable.

Dr Hazel Wallace

Founder of The Food Medic

Maeve is incredibly talented at sharing scientific information in an easy to understand way. The content she shares with us is always really interesting, clear, and of very high quality. She’s one of our favourite writers to work with!

Aisling Moran

Senior UX Writer at Thriva Health

Maeve has written extensively for NHD magazine over the last few years, producing a wealth of dietetic and nutritional articles. Always evidence based and factual, Maeve creates material that is relevant and very readable. She provides high quality work with a professional and friendly approach. Maeve is a beacon of high quality knowledge and work within the nutrition writing community; and someone NHD magazine is proud to work with.

Emma Coates

Editor of Network Health Digest

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