Image of book Your No-Nonsense Guide to Eating Well

⁣Does trying to eat well feel overwhelming or confusing?

Struggling to think of nutritious ideas for meals and snacks?

Do you want to have a healthier relationship with food?

If so, this book is for you!

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Your No-Nonsense Guide to Eating Well

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Maeve is an experienced Registered Dietitian. She is passionate about helping her clients to find an enjoyable and sustainable way of eating that supports long-term health.

An initial consultation will last up to one hour and is tailored for each individual client.

This usually involves:

  1. Assessment of relevant background information – such as medical history, current medication, recent blood tests, digestive function and lifestyle factors (e.g. physical activity, stress)
  2. Full dietary assessment
  3. Dietary education & a personalised plan

As Maeve is registered with both CORU (membership number: DI037648) and the Irish Dietetic and Nutrition Institute (membership number: 1987) clients are entitled to partial reimbursement from health insurance companies based in Ireland. Appointment receipts can also be used to claim for health expense relief via the Med 1 tax form in Ireland.

Click here to see Maeve’s appointment policies.


An exceptional dietician. Maeve completely changed my life in navigating my recovery from an immune system issue called urticaria. Maeve continually showed with professionalism and care. I would highly recommend Maeve as a dietician.

Leah Moore – Client

I was nervous about my first appointment but Maeve was so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable. She is extremely professional and has really helped me with all approaches to food and nutrition. I also felt that everything was so easily explained and made such sense in a world where we are bombarded with a lot of nutritional informational. So refreshing to actually learn from a qualified professional. Thank you Maeve for everything.

CW – Client

Maeve has been phenomenal in advising me on health and nutrition. She has been so informative and helpful in analysing my diet and advising me with evidence-based information about how to obtain the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals and advise on other issues such as thyroid, bone health, iron-rich foods and pregnancy nutrition. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and as a result, feel much more confident in obtaining optimum nutrition during my pregnancy. She is very professional and extremely prompt at addressing any questions that I may contact her about regarding certain supplements, foods and how certain vitamins, minerals and food sources interact with each other and may hinder absorption.  I am so glad that I booked appointments with her and would highly recommend her to anyone, I wish I had had an appointment with her years ago. I believe it is of utmost importance to book an appointment with a registered dietitian when looking for guidance on diet, nutrition and overall health as this is so scientific and requires expertise in this area.

Edel Feeney – Client

Maeve has a very pleasant manner, is very competent and knowledgeable and listens very carefully and her recommendations are very sensible and manageable.

MC – Client

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