Hi I’m Maeve, a UK Registered Dietitian from Ireland, welcome to Dietetically Speaking! 😄


Me at one of my happiest 🙂 (yes Dietitians eat cake too!)

About this blog

I decided to start this blog because I know how confusing and conflicting the world of nutrition can seem; so this is a platform to challenge nutribollocks and promote evidence-based nutrition. I am also passionate about making the science and evidence related to nutrition more accessible and easier to digest (did I mention I also have a passion for puns!).

I think it’s really important to have a healthy relationship with food; enjoying balance, variety and moderation and not demonising any particular food groups. So this blog is also about celebrating food and sharing tips and recipes to support a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it! 😊

About me

I’m from a seaside town in Ireland called Bray. Bray is quite close to Dublin and is also the home place of: Katie Taylor, Dara O’Briain, Sinead O’Connor and Hozier (to drop a few names!)

Bray Pretty Bray!

In the longstanding Irish tradition of emigration, I moved over to the UK in 2013 and lived in the North East of England for just over 4 years. During my time in England I worked in a busy NHS teaching hospital as: a band 5 rotational Dietitian (covering a variety of hospital wards and out-patient clinics), a Stroke Specialist Dietitian (covering the acute stroke ward and also working within the Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team) and a Paediatric Dietitian (covering paediatric wards, out-patient clinics, MDT diabetes clinics and reviewing tube-fed patients).

I loved working in the NHS, as this allowed me to gain experience with a variety of nutrition related conditions including: food allergies and intolerances, weight loss/poor growth, fussy eating, diabetes, eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies, bowel issues, tube feeding, surgical conditions, weight management, stroke, neurological conditions, IBS, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia.


One of the reasons I love being a Dietitian is because I get to mix two of my passions: teaching and nutrition! Before I started working as a Dietitian I worked as a CELTA trained English teacher in Dublin. I also really enjoy doing presentations and group training sessions to educate about nutrition.


Me mid-nutrition presentation!

I’m currently travelling the world and working as a freelance dietitian; trying my hand at being a dietetic digital nomad! My current role involves nutrition consultancy, writing nutrition and health related articles, media and social media work and web-based nutrition consultations (see my Services page for more information).


I support the skeptical movement which involves using reason and critical thinking to question whether claims are valid and based on empirical research. I feel is closely linked to what Dietitians do when reviewing evidence based research in relation to nutrition.

I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks so much for taking the time to read it.

Please get in touch if you have any comments, requests or questions!

Maeve ☺ xx


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