Disclosure Policy

Thanks so much for taking the time to read Dietetically Speaking! To keep everything nice and clear here is some information about the background workings, intentions and integrity of this blog.

My Philosophy

  • The aim of Dietetically Speaking is to promote evidence based nutrition in a clear and accessible way. I also aim to celebrate all things food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle related by sharing tips, advice and recipes.
  • I promote a healthy and balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. I don’t think that any foods should be demonised or that any one particular food makes a diet healthy; it’s all about moderation and variety rather than an obsessive focus.
  • This blog reflects who I am both personally and professionally.


  • I am a UK Registered Dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and I am a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA). I aim to use my knowledge and skills as a Dietitian in an accurate and professionally responsible manner.
  • In view of the importance of transparency I have signed up to with RDs4Disclosure UK and have pledged to blog with integrity. This means I am bound by an ethical code of conduct and will not provide false and misleading information.
  • The advice given on this website is aimed at the general public and should not be used as an alternative to personally tailored advice given by a registered health professional.

Product/Service Reviews & Features

  • All of the views represented in my blog posts (and related social media sites) are my own and are 100% honest.  Any views shared in guest posts have been screened by myself to fit into the overarching aims and ethos of this website.
  • I will always disclose in a clear manner if I receive any samples, money or other incentives related to blog posts and receiving these will not influence the opinions, topics or content of my blog (as per the Internet Advertising Bureau: IAB guidelines).
  • I will only ever review, advertise or feature products/services which I believe could be of interest and benefit to my readers. Mentioning a product doesn’t automatically imply endorsement or recommendation of this product. I will never make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular products (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines) or promote one product over another (as per food industry regulations).
  • Any reviews of products are based on my personal tastes and preferences, and a nutrition assessment based on my professional observation and training as a Registered Dietitian.


  • I am happy to have established an affiliate partnership with Maria Brilaki from Fitness Reloaded as I agree with her methods and philosophy related to establishing long term and sustainable healthy habits. If subscriptions to Maria’s Exercise Bliss programme are made via affiliate advertisements on this site I will receive commission on this. As per IAB affiliate marketing guidelines I will always disclaim this partnership and I will clearly state if there are any direct affiliate links included in content posted on this blog.


  • A big thank you to the Rds4disclosureuk website for their guidance in completing this disclosure policy; and in particular to Nic at Nic’s Nutrition for kindly allowing me to adapt the disclosure policies from her website.
  • Special thanks to my boyfriend Anthony O’Neill for supporting Dietetically Speaking, designing this website and not to mention acting as on-demand IT support!


This disclosure policy is updated as of Janaury 2018 and I will endeavour to review this and keep it up to date.